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From the early 1980s Jan Wiese performed frequently in USA and Europe, with the Wiese-Wøllo-Waring trio (CD new release 2008) and as a soloist with live electronics (CD: "Stunt!" 1991). He is a pioneer of electro  acoustic improvisation in a mix of contemporary jazz - live electronics and oboe , ambient, noise, electronica and contemporary art. - An extraordinary musician with an international reach who makes music that crosses boundaries with skill, inventiveness and imagination like few others.

Collaborating with

Walter Chesarini (composer and impro artist, Genova) 

Johanna Zwaig (performance artist) 

Aronne Dell´Oro (folk-art music, Italy)

Giovanni Perin (vibrafone, Italy)

in duo "WØJT" with Tellef Øgrim (guitar/live electronics) 


Håkon Storm and Håvard Caspersen (acoustic guitars)  in trio "Wiese-Storm-Caspersen"

As a pedagogue and coach Jan is training music-students, soloists and business executives in Norway. He teaches the use of traditional instruments in live electronics.

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